Introducing a collaborative approach to
venture stakes

A time-tested yet pioneering model for collaborative investing in venture stakes.

Our Model

Collective takes a significant minority economic interest including participation in monetization events, in exchange for catalytic capital, business support and guidance.

Collective seeks the hallmarks of venture firms and incubators poised for growth:
Proven leadership
Strong track record
Compelling strategy
Capable team
Capital momentum

We believe multiple large VCs led by specialist managers will scale to $10B+, allowing asset owners to enjoy better performance and diversification, while delivering specialist help to leading entrepreneurs in specific sectors and geographies.

Our thriving consortium of large pensions and sovereigns is not only strategic to growing VCs but also creates synergies for the asset owner participants, via knowledge transfer, regional expertise, and enhanced deal flow, especially in the form of co-investments and special opportunities.


Why Us



Partnership through GP stakes can improve long-term alignment and economics for asset owners, offering the potential for convex upside above expected venture returns.



As venture-backed companies struggle to raise fresh capital, VCs with deep experience in the right sectors can expect strong vintages, provided they can access capital to match the scale of current opportunities.